This free tutorial will support you in being clearer about lies and lying.

If you read each page of this mini-tutorial (it takes 5 - 10 minutes) you will notice the following five benefits.

1) You will refine your definition of the word lie.

2) You will possibly discover how much you have been lying.

3) You will possibly find yourself aware of your lies more often than you do now.

4) You will occasionally find yourself in choice, correcting yourself after you've heard yourself lie.

5) You will possibly find yourself hearing other's lies more often.

6) Most importantly, if you are lying or deceiving someone and now consciously choose to continue to do so, you will begin to notice the correlation between integrity and your stated intentions. Ignorance or unconsciousness produces a different outcome than does a premeditated perpetration (one from choice).

If you opt to restore and maintain your integrity you will find others around you acknowledging and putting in correction to their lies.

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