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Relationship Communication-Skills Tutorial

. . . accelerating the communication mastery process

A powerful free on-line, interactive, education process addressing the fundamentals and principles of interpersonal and relationship communication; it picks up where high school and college speech-communication classes leave off.  i.e. Virtually no high school graduate in the middle of a verbally violent divorce thinks to call a former speech teacher for advice such as, [How do I stop verbally abusing my spouse?].

The free password-protected tutorial message board allows for stimulating conversations with the tutorial coach—free feedback and coaching about relationship communication problems—to include your specific personal concerns.

If you would like to enhance communications in your personal life, if you would like to take your communication-leadership-support skills to the next level, this is the place. 

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Whenever there is a breakdown in communication between two it can always be traced to one of the five variables discussed in the tutorial.

No matter how great your relationship, or your leadership- communication skills, it's virtually impossible for the tutorial to not have a profound and positive impact on you and yours.

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