Effects of thoughts on water

Effects of thoughts on water a mind stimulating video

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  1. Kerry says:

    Hi Marty,

    Thanks for the nice ack.

    We’ve used AnHosting for this WP application for several years but I’d recommend HostGator.com (which we use for our two other domains). The speeds are the same but HG’s help ticket support is more accurate the first time. What happens with ANHosting is I’ll state a problem and I’ll get a boiler-plate reply (from a beginner) that 90% of the time reveals that the tech didn’t read my question. Then I’ll restate it and ask the tech to forward our coms to their supervisor which most always results in an apology and the solution.

    We originally had our three domains (about 15 webs/sub webs) with AnHosting but moved two to HG at an opportune time because of the consistent support problems with AnHosting. I don’t have the cost comparisons of the two hosts easily available.

    Up-times (reliability) with both hosts are excellent and virtually identical.

    Tip: I recommend that one install Word Press or phpBB manually rather than through their host’s cPanel (Control Panel). The reason is that when you post help questions both phpBB and WP user forum moderators won’t answer your question if the app was installed automatically via cPanel due to some anomalies that occur when an app is installed as a cPanel offering.


  2. Kerry says:

    Thanks for the kind thoughts and acknowledgment.

    With aloha,


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