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  1. Doree Taylor says:

    Hi – As the parent and chief advocate overseeing the medical care of a critically ill child with an incurable neurological condition, I am interested in learning about any websites, organizations and practitioner focused on helping parents communicate more effectively with busy (and all-too-often insensitive, abrupt or even condescending) specialists. I’m especially interested in connecting with anyone who teaches strategies for cutting through ‘medical speak’ and anyone who focuses on ‘medical advocacy’ communication training for the ‘lay-parent’. Thank you!

  2. Kerry says:

    Hi Doree,

    I recommend that you do The Clearing Process for Professionals and then post a specific breakdown in communication with a health care professional. I.E. I said, “…”, then they said, “…” etc. The Communication-Skills Coach will then reply to your posts and support you in identifying the communication problem.

    The free clearing process is a prerequisite for free online coaching; it will reduce the possibility of a breakdown in communication between yourself and the coach. The process will help us locate the source of your breakdowns in communication, whether or not they have to do with your communication-skills or if they are possibly a consequence of an out-integrity, say life’s unacknowledged perpetrations or withholds.

    Unacknowledged perpetrations and withholds are the foremost barrier to manifesting the results we say we want (our stated intentions) —we drag remnants of life’s incompletes (less-than-satisfying outcomes) into each present-day interaction.

    With aloha,


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