The Judgment

Instructions: Read the The Judgment and reply.

Study Case: Responsibility

A young married woman appeared before a judge in family court accusing her husband of hitting her. After the attorneys had presented their cases the judge then asked the woman. “Just to be clear. Who started the fight?” The woman replied. “He did.” The judge then dismissed the case.


1) What was the foremost reason behind the judge’s decision?
2) Describe what you believe to be another valid reason for the decision.
3) Do you agree with the judge’s decision?

For the process to be of value you must be willing to communicate your point of view. If your reply is consistent with the definition of the word responsibility then life will continue to work as it has or better. If your understanding of responsibility is (has been) incorrect you may soon find yourself with a responsibility problem (a test so to speak).

Assuming that all thoughts have power throughout the universe your reply will help define the word responsibility for everyone ( source ).

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