About Lies & Lying (more)


At first glance this free tutorial might appear to be advice about telling the truth, to not lie. On the contrary, it’s about waking you up to the fact that you (yes you) lie quite frequently and that for the most part you have not had a choice. You have become a truth telling/lying machine. This tutorial is about supporting you in acknowledging your lies and in lying from choice.

We begin with the premise that all communications (verbal and nonverbal), all lies and all truths, have consequences. If, say, your mother asked if you brushed your teeth and you lied, (you’ve never acknowledged to yourself or her that you lied), then that lie is still having an effect, however small, on present-day communications. You simply can’t be with someone (100% completely) if you have an unacknowledged perpetration floating around in your mind.

To master communication you must clean up life’s perpetrations, actually you must be acknowledged for all of your creations, your communications, the “good” and “bad.”

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